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Ruderverein Dorsten - Ostfrieslandwanderfahrt Emden & Greetsiel

May 16 - 20, 2007 - Journey Report written by Mark Osborne
Ausschreibung, Fahrtroute - Einleitung - Wednesday : Arrival - Thurdsday : Greetsiel - Friday : back to Emden Sightseeing - Saturday : around Emden - Sunday : Wattwanderung Baltrum - Gesamtansicht

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Saturday : around Emden

The day started with a celebratory glass of Sekt. We shared in a toast (not a piece of toast) to Sabine and Hartmut on their anniversary. Apparently they celebrated their Honeymoon rowing so it was nothing new. Most people go off to somewhere hot and lie on the beach! Still Berliners are known to be different.

19.05.2007 09:03

19.05.2007 09:09

19.05.2007 09:32

The last days rowing was to take us to Loppersumer Meer, Großes Meer, kleines Meer, and then back to Emden. The journey was uneventful and peaceful until we had to cross the lake to get to our lunch stop, which was a lovely restaurant at the waters edge. The wind was quite strong and whilst we rowed with the wind the waves were quite large. We lagered up the boats near to the restaurant and enjoyed a bite to eat and a hot drink and watched the wind surfers having a wonderful days surfing.

19.05.2007 12:24

19.05.2007 12:29

19.05.2007 12:29

19.05.2007 13:30

19.05.2007 13:31

19.05.2007 13:32

19.05.2007 13:32

The Row back was a little different as we could not have rowed back across the Lake with the wind as strong as it was. An alternative route was taken which meant first carrying the boats a short distance to a stretch of canal out of the wind. It also meant launching the boats from a sandy beach. We were left to rue this decision as cleaning the sand out of the boats was time intensive.

19.05.2007 13:42

19.05.2007 14:00

19.05.2007 14:00

19.05.2007 14:00

19.05.2007 14:00

19.05.2007 15:10

Saturday night was for some of us another 'Erhard tour' that Hartmut, Christine and I had the night before but ending in a converted barn having a couple of beers and a short kindly donated by Ille. For others it was a quite night in and for Hartmut and Sabine it was a night out to celebrate 19 years of marriage and to prepare mentally for the last days activities!

19.05.2007 15:11

19.05.2007 16:33

19.05.2007 16:35

19.05.2007 16:38

19.05.2007 17:44

19.05.2007 17:45

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